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Watch Lovers Quarrel In Kygo's 'Stay' Music Video

by Ryan Middleton   Feb 22, 2016 16:01 PM EST

Kygo has released the music video for his single "Stay" featuring Maty Noyes. The video comes just after the "Stole The Show" DJ delayed the release of his debut artist album Cloud Nine indefinitely because it wasn't done.

The video matches the lightheartedness of the Kygo tropical house instrumental and the heavy burden felt by Noyes as she expresses her pain over trying to leave a relationship.

The visuals follow two quarrelling lovers along their travels throughout various beautiful landscapes. You are taken right into their lives as they barrel through the infatuation stage and get to the fights, which separate them and bring them back together.

As Noyes says in the third verse, "You wanna leave her, don't wanna hurt nobody / I don't believe a single word you say or that you're sorry / Why can't I say no to the look on your face? / I just stay, stay."

They travel throughout serene and snowy countryside in at times just a jacket and underwear, running through the snow, driving along the beach in a jeep and canoeing out in a lake. There is a point where their argument comes in to distract from the song, but overall the video tells a real story of the struggle love can be.

"Stay" is the latest single to emerge from Kygo's discography as he prepares for the release of his debut artist album Cloud Nine. He has been mum on a new release date for the record or who may be on it, though a track with John Legend is reportedly in the works according to Billboard.

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