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Demi Lovato's 'Stone Cold' Music Video Is Incredibly Dramatic [WATCH]

by Carolyn Menyes   Feb 24, 2016 10:41 AM EST

Demi Lovato is quite the a dramatic powerhouse in her Confident track "Stone Cold," and she's bringing that big energy into the track's new music video. After some teasing and plenty of waiting for her fans, Lovato finally dropped the new single's stunning visuals on Tuesday (Feb. 23), channeling some of the most dramatic music video tropes out there.

A la Britney Spears' classic "Everytime" clip, Lovato spends a good amount of time in the bathtub during "Stone Cold." Inexplicably wearing a beige sweater (as one does in the tub), Lovato splashes around, puts her cheek in the water and belts her heart out while always looking just half a second away from tears.

Those visuals are gripping and dramatic enough, but "Stone Cold" also channels the "Cold" part of its title and takes Lovato to a snowy mountaintop. Wearing a massive winter coat, Lovato climbs the mountain and traverses its forest, occasionally falling (or more like planting herself) into the snow, because the loss of her love is just that great.

And, like the best pop ballad music videos, Lovato sings this song like she's fighting for her life, with broad arm movements, crouching and a passionate face that cares less about being pretty and more about being emotional.

A.k.a., she really goes for it. And for such a heartbreaking song (with a standout vocal performance), could we really expect anything less from Demi?

"Stone Cold" is the third single from Demi Lovato's new album Confident. It follows the promotion and release of "Cool for the Summer" and the album's title track.

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