Fifth Harmony are ready to put in some serious work, even if it is from the comfort of their own house. Just one day after announcing the pending release of their new album 7/27, the X Factor alumnae released their new single "Work From Home" along with a super sexy video.

"Work From Home" has less of a punch to it than Fifth Harmony's most slamming singles, like the shimmery "Sledgehammer" or the sass-filled "Worth It." Instead, this song takes a chilled out vibe, with a chorus that cools down the song's momentum rather than pumping it up to 11. It's a trick that's worked well for the likes of Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, so there's no reason why it shouldn't resonate well for Fifth Harmony fans. And, indeed, there's something infectious about the totally relaxed way they chant "work" over and over again in the chorus.

Speaking of lyrics, as one should hope for in a song called "Work From Home," this track is full of glorious business/sex puns. Let's put it into motion / Imma give you a promotion / I'll make it feel like a vacay / Turn the bed into an ocean / We don't need nobody / I just need your body / Nothin but sheets in between us / Ain't no gettin off early," is just one example of the song's tongue-in-cheek lyrics. Is it the cleverest wordplay in pop music history? Absolutely not, but it still provides some light entertainment.

Despite the lyrics that have some very adult undertones and a chorus that's cooler than a cucumber, the music underneath "Work From Home" is surprisingly bubblegum.

The accompanying video features 5H in their sexiest form. The girls are running a construction site, doing serious heavy duty lifting with cement mixers, saws and measuring tapes while mugging with their most sultry faces and shaking their booties every which way. But, they're not the sole objectified people in the clip. They're ordering around a bunch of hunky, barely dressed men. It seems dangerous with all those nails and forklifts and screwdrivers around, but everyone managed to keep their sexy cool on site.

"Work from Home" is the lead single from Fifth Harmony's sophomore album 7/27, which the girl group just announced earlier this week. The new album is due for release on May 20.

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