Kanye West just released his Life of Pablo album and despite rumors of his divorce from wife Kim Kardashian, the star is unstoppable when it comes to his career especially since he has always had that passion for music (as shown in a video where a 12-year-old West is rapping).

The video, which was recently uploaded on YouTube by user Manoli James, shows a young West dropping a hot freestyle. The said 18 seconds clip was allegedly filmed by his late mother, Dr. Donda West, according to the caption of the video on YouTube.

Seen in the video is a young West spitting bars and dancing, which shows his skill in the field that we know him for today. The last part reflects his character with the words that says, "nothing less could come from West," Highsnobiety reported.

The 12-year-old West appears to be rapping during a family gathering on May 17,1990 and when he is done with his remarkable freestyle, his mother laughs from behind the camera and even says, "Get out of town Kanye!"

Aside from this video, his wife, Kim Kardashian, uploaded a video of West reciting a poem written by Martin Luther King, Jr. in middle school with power and confidence. It appears that he is of the same age and it shows that the "Gold Digger" singer always had that self-confidence.

Originally, the video was uploaded on YouTube in 2012, where the rapper read Dr. King's poem about the "quest for freedom and to fight for equality for all races and the people of the world," Complex wrote. But it only gained more views and attention after Kardashian shared it on Twitter.

Recently, the "FourFiveSeconds" singer announced that he will be releasing another album after The Life of Pablo with the title, Turbo Grafx 16, as previously reported by Music Times.