We've seen actor Neil Patrick Harris do many things: play a young doctor on Doogie Howser, M.D., portray a womanizing business-type on How I Met Your Mother and even play a heightened version of himself in the Harold and Kumar films.

But on last night's Tony Awards, hosted by X-Men's Hugh Jackman, we got to see NPH do something we've never seen before: give the legendary Sting a lap dance in high heels.

The actor took to the Tony stage as his Hedwig role and delivered a performance of the show's number "Sugar Daddy." During which, Harris, donned in full Hedwig get up, turned his act to the crowd and gave fellow actor Orlando Bloom a "car wash," which involved standing over the actor's head in a mini skirt pressed with flashing lights. He then moved over to Sting and gave one heck of a lap dance, and rounded it all out by landing in The Following star Kevin Bacon's lap and laying a luscious kiss on partner David Burtka.

Harris won the Tony for best actor in a musical for his performance in Hedwig, and previously told The Hollywood Reporter, "It's tough to strut around in high heels and not feel a fool, tough to manage a full wig of hair, to cock a wrist, to embrace a bra and not feel like you are somehow going to be exposed ... But in a role like this, you have to commit. You can't tiptoe, you have to bulldoze. And the more I trusted, the further I went, the better it felt. Now her mannerisms seem second nature."

Watch a clip of NPH's performance the Tony Awards below.