January 19, 2018 / 8:27 PM

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Governors Ball in Photos: Music Times Snaps Skrillex, J. Cole, The Strokes and More [SLIDESHOW]

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  • Janelle Monáe
    (Photo : Janelle Monáe makes a point Friday at Governors Ball. (Ryan Book))
  • Chain Gang of 1974
    (Photo : Chain Gang of 1974 was the first band we saw at Governors Ball. Unfortunately, that meant they had to deal with us shaking the dust out of our photography ability. Sorry guys. (Ryan Book))
  • Little Daylight
    (Photo : Little Daylight vocalist Nikki Taylor checks out guitarist Matt Lewkowicz. It's tough not to...a dude with sunglasses and a Gibson SG. (Ryan Book))
  • Run The Jewels
    Run the Jewels (Photo : Courtesy Ryan Book)
  • Governors Ball
    (Photo : Ryan Book for Music Times)
  • Bastille
    (Photo : Bastille's Dan Smith had to be shocked by at least a few of the racy catcalls he was getting during his set. (Ryan Book))
  • Kurt Vile
    (Photo : Kurt Vile's hair not only looks good...it solos pretty well too. (Ryan Book))
  • Jenny Lewis
    (Photo : Ryan Book)
  • Neko Case
    (Photo : Neko Case and one of the many excellent beards in her band. (Ryan Book))
  • Damian Marley
    (Photo : Replace the Jamaican flag with an American one in your mind and 'Proud To Be An American' will immediately get stuck in your head. (Ryan Book))
  • Grimes
    (Photo : Ryan Book)
  • Grimes
    (Photo : ...and a lighter one. (Ryan Book))
  • Hunter Hunted
    (Photo : Hunter Hunted can put "opened for Jack White" on its resumé (technically) after starting the day on the main stage. (Ryan Book))
  • Diarrhea Planet
    (Photo : Diarrhea Planet's Jordan Smith shreds, no eyes neccessary. (Ryan Book))
  • RJD2
    (Photo : RJD2 checks just to make sure he's got his setlist figured out. (Ryan Book) )
  • Deafheaven
    (Photo : George Clarke's face pretty much sums up the Deafheaven experience. (Ryan Book) )
  • Lucius
    (Photo : The members of Lucius aren't related. We knew you were thinking it. (Carolyn Menyes))
  • Fitz and The Tantrums
    (Photo : Fitz and The Tantrums don't need the bright lights...daytime temperatures on Saturday reached the mid-'80s. (Carolyn Menyes) )
  • Guy Lawrence of Disclosure
    (Photo : Guy Lawrence of Disclosure over looks his arsenal of instruments. (Ryan Book) )
  • Julian Casablancas never tires of the love at Governors Ball. Which is probably why he played two sets—one solo and one with The Strokes.
    Julian Casablancas (l.) and Albert Hammond Jr. of The Strokes (Photo : Ryan Book)
  • Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells.
    (Photo : Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells has an aura about her. But it might be the band's constant strobe assault. (Ryan Book))
  • Skrillex
    (Photo : Skrillex orchestrates from atop his audio-visual death-ship. (Ryan Book))
  • Cris Cab
    (Photo : Cris Cab, despite his vocals, is not Jamaican. (Ryan Book) )
  • Ben Yudin of Cayucas
    (Photo : Every unassuming bassist deserves a chance to shine in a photo slideshow. Today's example is Ben Yudin of Cayucas. (Ryan Book))
  • Jack Antonoff of Bleachers
    (Photo : Jack Antonoff of Bleachers has some fun. (Ryan Book) )
  • Banks
    (Photo : (Ryan Book) )
  • Earl Sweatshirt
    (Photo : Earl Sweatshirt easily took the prize for 'best performance face' at Governors Ball. (Ryan Book))
  • Tyler, The Creator and Earl Sweatshirt
    (Photo : Ryan Book)
  • Glitch Mob's Josh 'Ooah' Mayer and Edward 'edIT' Ma perform at Governors Ball.
    (Photo : Ryan Book)
  • J. Cole
    (Photo : Ryan Book)
  • The Kills and other Domino Records artists can have hope.
    (Photo : Ryan Book)
  • James Blake
    (Photo : James Blake smiles subtly, in line with how he sings. (Ryan Book) )
  • Empire of The Sun
    (Photo : Empire of The Sun's Nick Littlemore has got Luke Steele's back. (Ryan Book) )
  • Interpol at Governors Ball 2014
    (Photo : Ryan Book)
  • Axwell /\ Ingrosso
    (Photo : After three days of beer and who knows what else, we imagine most of the crowd saw Axwell /\ Ingrosso just as they appear here. (Ryan Book))

Music Times sent reporter Ryan Book to Governors Ball June 6-8 with the intent of capturing the essence of New York City's biggest and most diverse music event, the results of which can be seen above. 

Book took a beating during the weekend, from the constant crowdsurfers landing on his head during The Strokes heavily attended set on Saturday, the blinding strobes of Axwell /\ Ingrosso on Sunday, the cruel words of Tyler, The Creator ("All your photos suck"), to the potential internal organ damage suffered from the subwoofers and sub-bass at the fore of Skrillex's stageshow. 

The least you can do is check out his photo slideshow. 

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