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John Legend Adds Lyrics to 'Downton Abbey' Theme in 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' [WATCH]

by Kareen Liez Datoy   Mar 10, 2016 17:35 PM EST

As Downton Abbey ended with its final episode aired last Sunday, John Legend surely noticed what the show is lacking- the lyrics for its musical opening. With that, the singer added words to the music in an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Wearing a tuxedo, the recording artist is seen sitting behind a piano as he performs his own rendition of the instrumental theme song of the long running drama that has aired for six seasons garnering about 10 million viewers in January, The Guardian reported.

The lyrics were hilarious as Legend made fun of the characters and even mentioned that the cast is "very white."

“Everyone we know is very white,” the remix begun. “We don’t have one black friend.”

There were also lines that are narratives, as The Hollywood Reporter noted, like: "Mary and Edith love to fight / we dress in formal wear for dinner almost every night," and, "We have a footman who is gay / he's always carrying a tray."

He also mentioned about everyone in the cast having “so many hats to wear” and even about their pastimes which include drinking tea, taking naps, gossiping and eating scones.

One hilarious part of the lyrics is when Legend pointed out to the Dowager Countess played by Maggie Smith, singing, "Grandmamma is always such a witch / she needs to get laid."

To conclude the song, Legend referred to the Edith, who is the second Crawley daughter.

“Edith is such a loser, why won’t she just die? Why? Why?” the award-winning singer and song writer warbled.

In the same show, Legend shared that he will be the executive producer of a show called “Underground” that is about "the underground railroad” wherein some "slaves will take a heroic journey to escape from slavery." The show will also feature modern music like “Black Skinhead” of Kanye West, Rap Up reported.

He also said that he is ready to be a father since his pregnant wife Chrissy Teigen will give birth a few months from now. As a matter of fact, the couple already bought stuff for the baby with Kim Kardashian and West, adding that Kardashian already "showed Chrissy everything a mom would need.”

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