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Vince Grant Shares "Oceans II" Music Video Off 'My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me' EP

by Jon Niles   Mar 14, 2016 11:46 AM EDT

Like many musicians and other creative types, singer-songwriter Vince Grant's life has been affected by depression. Using his talents as a performer to deal with his struggles, including alcohol and drug issues, Grant is helping listeners relate and hopefully deal with similar issues. He released the immensely personal My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me EP just last year, but this month he's shared a great new music video for his deep track, "Oceans II." Watch this music video and stream his EP below!

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Though his EP title might be a little too "on the nose" regarding the subject matter of his songs, it works quite well for the singer's approach to music. He isn't hiding anything from his listeners, and is garnering new fans with his sincerity and openness concerning this very personal but also universal diagnosis.

While the 5-song EP tackles the layers of depression that wears one down, "Oceans II" is Vince's genuine attempt at describing his emotions in one huge metaphor. Those suffering from the mental disorder can absolutely relate to the simple chorus of this song:

"And it feels like Oceans"

Plus, the fact that Vince repeats the line over and over again is another notion that epitomizes depression. His great way of coping with his own issues through his music is both pleasurable to listen to, but deeply saddening to think that he's going through so much.

Watch the music video for "Oceans II" right here (via YouTube):

Stream the latest EP from Vince Grant right here!

Check out the tracklist for My Depression is Always Trying to Kill Me right here:

1. Melancholia

2. Oceans II

3. Edge of the World

4. How Many Times You

5. Sweet Addiction

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