Although Robert Pattinson remains a very private (yet well-respected) figure in Hollywood, several celebrities absolutely adore working with the former "Twilight" heartthrob. Current fiancee FKA Twigs is one lucky lady!

The 29-year-old British actor is currently filming the new movie "Good Time" in New York City. Plot details are still hazy, but 59-year-old Eric Roberts will likely make an onscreen appearance alongside R-Patz. The "Hereos" actor first tweeted about brother directors Ben and Joshua Safdie. But fans really went crazy when Roberts shared an alleged "behind the scenes" snapshot of Pattinson, which he later deleted (via

Although he didn't explain much, the father of renowned "Screem Queens" starlet Emma Roberts later praised Pattinson's amazing worth ethic:

@EricRoberts: "Robert Pattinson. Perhaps the kindest, most pro, zen, comfortable actor I've ever worked with. So sweet, and laughs so easily. Humble, open."

Several followers were extremely flattered in Pattinson's behalf:

@beammeup_00: "Really cool to hear how well regarded Rob is by his peers and acting partners."

@stoner_em: "I always love hearing about him from those he works with. It's just confirmation that he's everything we think he is. <33"

@RobsPromotion: "Thank you so much for your kind words about Rob. They are the reason we admire, respect & love him as a person & as an actor."

‏@RobsStrayDog : "Thanks for your kind words. Rob is truly a gem as an actor and person."

@My_Rob_Fantasy: "The sweetest kindest words about Rob thank you very much."

Rumors now suggest that Pattinson and his "Two Weeks" muse will officially tie the knot sometime later this year. Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart continues getting "close" to French songstress, Soko. But it still remains unconfirmed if they're actually dating. Stay tuned for any further updates.

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