DJ Snake has unveiled the music video for his recent collaboration with English singer Adio Marchant, better known as Bipolar Sunshine, "Middle." The video features an unlikely Hollywood star, The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson as a superhero just trying to find love in a cruel world.

The video starts with Hutcherson sitting in a dinner robbed from head to toe in a red and black superhero outfit with a mask and face paint on. Two other patrons start to laugh at him and his response is to dump some booze in a cup of coffee.

Things start to look up once Hutcherson's character sees a likeminded superhero outside of the diner. They lock eyes and it is clear that they were meant to be. They then go on adventures, flying down the street, spending all day together doing superhero stuff.

Things start to heat up as they spend the night together in Hucherson's rundown apartment that is filled with various paintings, drawings and other memorabilia dedicated to superheroes.

She disappears like a bat out of hell in the morning and Hucherson goes on a rampage to try and find her, finding a wandering DJ Snake on the street. He jumps and gets hit by a cab that happens to have his supermate in the car sitting plainclothes in the arms of another man. He heads home defeated, bloody and tosses his mask to the side only to find his love there and they rekindle their romance for a happy ending.

"Middle" was released towards the end of 2015. It is taken from his upcoming artist album that is expected at some point in 2016.