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Watch Ariana Grande Regret Inviting Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett to Her Party in Cut 'SNL' Skit

by Carolyn Menyes   Mar 16, 2016 16:17 PM EDT

Ariana Grande may have slayed impressions of Whitney Houston and Britney Spears as well as debuting two new songs on Saturday Night Live, but one sketch didn't quite make the cut. A few days after the "Dangerous Woman" singer took over 30 Rock, SNL released one sketch cut for time... and it features some pretty awkward party guests.

Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett's off-putting, socially inept coworkers return from the Ronda Rousey episode, and this time they're trying to wrap their heads around a March Madness invite from Grande's character, Carrie.

As she innocently invites them over to watch some tournament games over the weekend, Jojo and Bobo can't quite figure out anything. What is appropriate party wear? A cape? Should they bring over frogs? Sit in cabinets? It's fairly bizarre, and Grande plays an appropriate straight woman against the increasingly insane requests and questions from Mooney and Bennett.

But, in a show that received positive reviews and featured standout sketches like the already-legendary Tidal spook and Grande's "This Is Not a Feminist Anthem" song with the SNL ladies, it's easy to see why this sketch didn't quite make the cut...

Grande returned to SNL for the second time as a musical guest and first time as a host on Saturday (March 12) in anticipation of her third studio album Dangerous Woman, which is due out for release on May 20. Grande debuted two new Dangerous Woman tracks, the title cut and the fan favorite "Be Alright" on the show.

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