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Baauer, G-Dragon, M.I.A. "Temple" Review: 'Aa' Single Strongest Yet

by Ryan Middleton   Mar 16, 2016 16:23 PM EDT

With 2 days until the release of his debut album Aa, Baauer has unveiled a brand new track "Temple" featuring M.I.A. and South Korean rising star G-Dragon. The high-energy single takes on a Middle Eastern vibe with the plucks over booming percussion.

The single starts out in a setting that could be an Chinese or Southern Asia temple garden with a woman softly saying "A presence patiently waits for you and as you walk toward the inward glade, you can see her pale calm luminous face" over flute and slow guitar.

This changes quickly with Baauer's fearsome plucks and booming percussion meeting the voice of M.I.A. in the first voice. After more percussion comes in, G-Dragon takes the reigns for the second verse and gives the track a new sound before they finish off the tune for one final hook. The track eventually ends back in the temple.

The first singles from Baauer's Aa have been very collaboration heavy, including his last one "Kung Fu" with Pusha T and Future. That was much more geared toward their strengths as rappers, while this instrumental does stay in a similar trap lane, it has more melodic elements to fit with the voices of M.I.A. and G-Dragon. 

An album like this could get stale from someone who is just a beatmaker in one niche, but Baauer is showing thus far that is able to both adapt to his collaborators and to different styles with a chameleon-like ability. March 18 should be good.

"Temple" was first premiered at an Alexander Wang fashion show during New York Fashion week almost exactly one month ago.

Baauer is gearing up to go on a short North American tour to support this album right as it drops. He kicks things off on March 22 in Cambridge, Massachusetts and then over the next three weeks will hit venues in Miami, Denver, Chicago, New York City and elsewhere.

Pre-order Aa on iTunes.

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