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The Cheek of Her Shares New Song "9 Lives" Off 'Black Heart Mantra' EP [LISTEN]

by Jon Niles   Apr 13, 2016 10:26 AM EDT

London musician The Cheek of Her (Helen Dooley) isn't afraid to tell it like it is in her new song "9 Lives," which is off her forthcoming EP 'Black Heart Mantra.' Listen to this new tune now. (Photo : The Cheek of Her / Helen Grace Dooley)

British musician Helen Dooley, aka The Cheek of Her, has shared a brand new song this week, "9 Lives," which is the lead single off of her upcoming EP, Black Heart Mantra. Compared to other singer-songwriters like PJ Harvey and Amanda Palmer, her style of songwriting is brash and to-the-point, with no fear of telling it like it is. Listen to this new song right now.

The Cheek of Her has previously been heard on BBC Radio 2, in addition to European national radio coverage in Ireland, Switzerland, Romania, Luxembourg and Holland.

Upon first listen, the song sounds like something you'd hear on a waiting screen of a Nintendo Wii game, with simple lyrics that don't really strike any chords, but that's what makes The Cheek of Her so unique. As the song progresses, you get the sense that comparing Dooley to singer-songwriters is fair, but there's also a sense of arena rock-ability in there.

I hear Florence + The Machine's attitude and message hidden behind an indie artist's blooming talent. Though I'm left wanting, I can also tell that she has what it takes to satisfy listeners when she breaks out.

Black Mantra Heart EP is out on May 2, 2016. Listen to "9 Lives," the lead single off of The Cheek of Her's upcoming EP, right here (via SoundCloud):

Check out the tracklist of the Black Heart Mantra EP right here:
1. 9 Lives
2. Give up the Ghost
3. The Future is Purple
5. Black Heart Mantra

This new collection of songs fro The Cheek of Her is available for pre-order on iTunes right now!

Make sure to follow The Cheek of Her on Facebook, Twitter and her official website for more on her music.

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