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Gorillaz, Blur's Damon Albarn Shares Alice in Wonderland Musical Score Songs

by Jon Niles   Apr 14, 2016 11:42 AM EDT

 Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz fame has finished the score for his new musical, Wonder.land, based on Alice and Wonderland, with collaborators Moira Buffini and Rufus Norris. The songs that he's created are available of CD, vinyl and digital download on Friday, April 15, 2016, but you can listen to some that Albarn has shared below, along with the soundtrack track listing.

Albarn shared the songs "Me," "Secrets," and "Who Are You" from the Wonder.land soundtrack on YouTube, which are only 3 of the 13 songs.

Listen to these new songs ahead of the release date right now (via YouTube):

Earlier this week, Albarn teased some previews of the score with in-studio videos of the process. Head over to Consequence of Sound to check these out.

Songs From Wonder.land tracklist:

01. Entre Act - instrumental
02. wonder.land featuring Hal Fowler as the narrator
03. Fabulous with Hal Fowler as the Cheshire Cat
04. Me with Anna Francolini as Miss Maxome, the fierce head teacher
05. Secrets featuring Lois Chimimba as Aly and Carly Bawden as her avatar Alice;
06. In Clover with Paul Hilton as Aly's dad;
07. Avatars Holding Page with the ensemble, Ed Wade, Daisy Maywood, Ivan De Freitas, Cydney Uffindell-Phillips, Leon Cooke, Simon Anthony, Lois Chimimba and Carly Bawden
08. Who Are You with Hal Fowler as the beguiling caterpillar, along with Lois Chimimba and Carly Bawden
09. I'm Right with Francolini again as the head teacher Miss Maxome;
10. Everyone Loves Charlie Lois Chimimba as Aly, sings of her doted-on younger brother Charlie;
11. Japanese Duchess sung by Hal Fowler;
12. Man Of Broken Glass with Paul Hilton and Golda Rosheuval as Aly's parents;
13. Alice Saw featuring Carly Bawden as Aly's avatar Alice.

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