Kaskade and deadmau5 are a match made in dance music heaven. Though the two producers have not linked up in eight years since their classic collaboration "I Remember," there has always been hope that their would be some cross-border diplomacy and more music would be made. That hope was restored last year when they started a project, with little bits of shared online, but for months they have been quiet --until yesterday. Kaskade uploaded the full version of their track together with Skylar Grey titled "Beneath With Me" on SoundCloud as a surprise even to deadmau5.

The full version is much different from those that we heard before in rough demos. The track starts out with its ambient soundscapes, but then eventually cuts to a harder electro drop that has some hints of deadmau5's handiwork, but more so the current sound of many tracks that Kaskade would find useful for his live sets.

It has some hints at some techno, which both approve of, but is a little harder than their past two collaborations "Move For Me" and "I Remember."

The upload may not last long since this was done apparently without deadmau5's knowing.

According to some of his Tweets, he already used the drop melody in another song, so this may have to be scraped.

Regardless of what happens to this version, it is good to see that they are making progress on this collaboration and aren't just letting it gather figurative dust on a hard drive.