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Watch Anderson .Paak 'The Season/Carry Me,' 'The Waters' Joint Music Video

by Ryan Middleton   May 2, 2016 14:55 PM EDT

Anderson .Paak keeps the wins coming and the latest is in the form of a joint music video for his Malibu tracks "The Season/Carry Me" and "The Waters." Making his directorial debut alongside more experienced hand Chris Le, the "Am I Wrong" singer creates a trippy video where .Paak takes on many roles and even has to deal with a giant Donald Trump trash monster.

The video is a surreal piece of viewing as it superimposed .Paak and some other real actors against a trippy backdrop where things seem to be always changing.

The singer plays many different roles in this six-minute video starting out as a strawberry farmer, until the fruits of his labor start to attack him. He then ends up as a food server to a bunch of skeletons only to get attacked by the Donald dumpster monster when he tries to take out the trash.

He also ends as a therapy patient, a tired security officer and a man converting to a new religion with others being rapt in the faith. He ends up being baptized while discussing money's corrupting influence on families.

The background is made up almost entirely of 2-D paper cutouts, which contrast to .Paak and the other actors who stand amongst the paper.

The video comes on the back of two superb weekends a Coachella for .Paak where he brought out a slew of special guests like T.I. and Dr. Dre and cemented himself as a man who is more than just a buzzing topic on the internet.

Watch the videos below.

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