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Lady Gaga's First Leak From "ARTPOP"?: "Aura" Finds Its Way Onto The Internet [LISTEN]

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Aug 06, 2013 11:13 AM EDT

Lady Gaga

A demo purported to be the first heard track from Lady Gaga's forthcoming album "ARTPOP" has leaked onto the internet...and it's all over the place in terms of style. There has been no confirmation from the Gaga camp whether this is for real, but it admittedly sounds very Gaga, and very what-we've-been-led-to-believe "ARTPOP" will sound like.

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The track, named "Aura," opens much shakier than it ends. Gaga's voice is filtered, singing over instrumentals that bring Ennio Morricone to mind, with flashes of Spanish guitar. After a bit of a ludicrous spurt of wordless vocals, the song switches gears into full-on EDM. Gaga isn't afraid to experiment, but we admit this second half his a little more radio-friendly. Gaga has hinted that the new album will feature EDM strongly, and it's known that the pop star teamed with producer Zedd, an artist well known in the scene.

The lyrics here are even more interesting than the instrumentals, at least for now while fans don't have any comment from the Mother Monster. During the hook, Gaga asks the subject whether they would like to see her naked, if they would like to "look beyond the aura, beyond the burqa." Could the song be a less-than-subtle commentary on women's rights in the Middle East? Some fans have already taken to calling the song "Burqa" online.

Still whether the track will even be featured on "ARTPOP," even if it is truly by Gaga, is up in the air. The album is slated for release on November 11, and no track listing has been given. All fans know for sure is that Gaga will perform the first single from album, "Applause," at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 25.

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