Deadmau5’s Soundcloud account has reportedly been hacked and new Selena Gomez tracks have been leaked.

Hackers who went by the Twitter handle @_OurMine_ broke into the account this past Monday (May 23). While the damage done was relatively harmless, it could have been worse if the team had gone through with their threats of leaking nude photos or using his credit card.

The debacle began when the @_OurMine_ team left a message for the DJ/producer on his Soundcloud page and requested that he contact them to have control of his account returned. They reportedly uploaded some new collaborations with Selena Gomez onto the page that had been private prior to their invasion.

According to Billboard, the hacker team posted Deadmau5’s old phone number as well as his current address in a string of tweets that have since been deleted. The producer took the situation in stride and simply restored his account, and as of now no nude photos have been leaked.

In other Deadmau5 news, the producer recently settled a lawsuit against his former label Play Records, citing in the suit that the label was violating his moral rights by using his music for remixes and mashups he did not authorize.

The decision reached called for the owner of Play Records, Mellany Melody, to no longer produce remixes and mashups of his master recordings, despite having collaborated with the producer on several songs while he was with the label. While they are currently unable to reproduce them, Play Records does own the rights to upwards of 100 original tracks that were created by Deadmau5 between 2006 and 2008.