Demi Lovato is full of PRIDE in her new music video for "Really Don't Care." Today (June 26), the pop starlet and rising gay icon released the official visual for her new DEMI single, which was filmed during her turn as the grand marshal at Los Angeles' Pride Parade earlier this month.

The celebratory music video begins with Lovato calling out the Pride Parade's protestors, declaring boldly: "My Jesus loves all" before launching into her sassy pop sway.

The concept of "Really Don't Care" is simple enough, as the music video attempts (and succeeds) in capturing the high energy enthusiasm of a gay pride parade. Live footage of Lovato's performance takes up the vast majority of the video, with merry muggers at the event shaking their booties, smiling wide and singing for the array of cameras.

Between footage from L.A. Pride, Lovato and some friends dance and party in a pink cube of sorts, showing off their cheeky side (and cheeks). It's in the pink cube that guest artist Cher Lloyd makes her appearance, spouting off her verse with all her boldness in full force.

Watch the music video for Demi Lovato's new single "Really Don't Care" (Feat. Cher Lloyd) below. Oh, and watch out for cameos from Travis Barker, Perez Hilton, Lovato's boyfriend Wilmer Valderramma and more.

"Really Don't Care" is the fourth single from Lovato's May 2013 album DEMI and follows the release of "Heart Attack," "Made in the USA" and "Neon Lights."