Pop prince Justin Bieber and electronic music band Major Lazer have released a new song titled "Cold Water." Aside from the "Love Yourself" singer, the song also features Danish artist .

For the past couple of days, Bieber and Major Lazer co-founder and member Diplo have been busy using their social media accounts to promote "Cold Water." Yesterday, the pop star even posted a 30-second teaser for the song, E! Online reported.

But, after days of waiting, music fans can finally expect to hear the latest song from Major Lazer. The newest track from the group, which is composed of Diplo, Jillionaire and Walshy Fire, is part of their upcoming album called Music Is the Weapon. Like the band's other songs, "Cold Water" features a combination of dancehall, reggaeton, house and EDM. But the main factors that set the song apart from the group's other tracks are the soothing vocals provided by Beiber and MØ.

According to Diplo, working with these two artists for the song is a delightful experience primarily because of their contributions to the track. For Bieber, his natural singing talent immediately blended well with the rhythm song while MØ's musical background made the track even more unique.

"It was spontaneous, no one thought it would work," Diplo told Rolling Stone. "You can tell if something's authentic or not. I felt like [MØ] was so ambiguous, having grown up singing pop and punk ... Her word choice and her metaphors are just so foreign from American songwriters who tend to overuse the same phrases."

"Cold Water" is now available on iTunes and can be purchased for $1.29. As for Music Is the Weapon, it is not yet clear when it will exactly come out but the album is expected to drop sometime this year.