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Calvin Harris Parties With Kim Kardashian After Split from Taylor Swift

by Inigo Monzon   Jul 25, 2016 12:55 PM EDT

Months after breaking up with Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris was spotted partying with Kim Kardashian West at Jennifer Lopez's birthday bash. Photos and videos from the party clearly show that the Scottish D.J. is not bothered by the ongoing feud between his ex-girlfriend and Kanye West and his wife.

Lopez held the celebrations for her 47th birthday on July 23 and partied with her celebrity friends at her house in Las Vegas. Aside from Harris and Kardashian, other celebrities who were spotted at the event include French Montana, John Stamos and Cristiano Ronaldo. The party was hosted by Casper Smart, E! Online reported.

But amidst all the celebrities mingling with one another, one pair that stood out was Kardashian and Harris. The two were even photographed together with the birthday girl and Montana.

A photo posted by French Montana (@frenchmontana) on Jul 24, 2016 at 12:09am PDT

For the past few weeks, the reality television star and Swift have been going at it due to the latter's issue with West regarding his controversial song, "Famous." This started when Swift accused the rapper of disrespecting her in the song. She also claimed that she never gave the rapper the permission to mention her in the track.

Kardashian then defended her husband by accusing Swift of playing the victim. She also uploaded a video that was meant to prove that the pop princess approved the lyrics of the song.

But, it seems the escalating word-war between Swift and the celebrity couple doesn't bother Harris since he looks perfectly fine partying with West's Wife. According to Extra, Harris and Kardashian were even seen singing lines from "Famous" during the party, which could suggest that Harris has already decided which side he is on in this ongoing feud.

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