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Miranda Lambert Breaks Down While Singing Song Co-Written by Blake Shelton

by Inigo Monzon   Aug 1, 2016 05:18 AM EDT

Miranda Lambert broke down during her concert on Friday while she was singing "Over You," the song she co-wrote with her ex-husband and The Voice judge Blake Shelton. The singer cried again while performing "The House That Built Me."

Last week, Lambert was at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Illinois' Tinley Park for a live performance, according to ET Online. However, as she was singing "Over You" from her fourth studio album Four the Record, she became noticeably emotional.

During her performance, she choked up multiple times as she helplessly tried to hold back her tears. Sensing the emotional impact of the track on the artist, the audience members sang with Lambert to help her finish the song.

Lambert then admitted to the crowd that she was having a rough night at that time and told them that she was feeling hormonal, People reported. As noted by the entertainment news site, "Over You" is about the experience that Shelton went through after his older brother died in a vehicular accident when he was still a teenager. But aside from co-writing the song with Lambert, Shelton also used to sing the track with his ex-wife. Remembering her relationship with Shelton is probably the reason why Lambert got teary-eyed onstage as she was singing the song.

The artist got emotional again while performing "The House That Built Me." The song was originally written for Shelton but Lambert decided to record it for her Revolution album, which came out in 2010. Like what happened during her performance of "Over You," fans still cheered her on and even sang the lyrics of the track. Some of them also showed their support through their tweets about Lambert's concert.

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