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R. Kelly Could Have a New Boo, She's a Model & 19

by Wanda J Coppage   Aug 2, 2016 17:23 PM EDT

R. Kelly is reportedly seeing someone who he is in love with. The woman, Halle Calhoun, is a rising model, beautiful and 19 years old, 30 years his junior.

When Slick Rick delivered the lyrics "over 18 and my eyes are green" in the classic hip hop single "Mona Lisa," you would think he was referring to Calhoun after seeing her picture, but that's not the case seeing how she wasn't even born until almost a full decade after the song was released in 1988. That hasn't stopped R. Kelly from dating the 19-year-old whom he met while she was attending one of his concerts with her mother, according to Dallas Black.

The site shared several photos of the two together, and one photo with Kellz, Calhoun and an unidentified woman (possibly her mother) in swimwear while holding cigars.

Ask Kissy also confirmed the relationship between the "Backyard Party" singer and his new boo with what appears to be screenshots of Calhoun's private Instagram account. Though the Instagram was marked private, Twitter provided additional details on the young beauty, like she models and more than likely has her own income.

SHOP NOW • @hallecalhoun // @dehvawn // JordanYebe.com // #DashikiTakeover2  A photo posted by J O R D A N Y é B é™ (@jordanyebe) on Jan 4, 2016 at 11:36am PST

Kelly has yet to confirm the relationship but if the details of Dallas Black are correct, he may soon reveal that he's not just dating the model, but they are in fact in engaged.

It wouldn't be the first time that Kelly took a young wife. In 1994, he married now deceased R&B singer Aaliyah when she was only 15. He later had the marriage annulled in 1995.

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