January 23, 2018 / 1:19 AM

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Death Grips Breaks Up by Surprise Like Any High Schooler: Via Facebook...Trent Reznor Not Surprised

In perhaps (definitely) the least surprising surprise of the day, the hip-hop cum industrial band Death Grips announced it's breakup, and canceling all tour dates accordingly. The most humorous detail, at least for those not traumatized by the band's sudden demise, is that the group announced the breakup like any bad high school boyfriend: via Facebook. 

"we (sic) are now at our best and so Death Grips is over. we have officially stopped. all currently scheduled live dates are canceled," revealed a message written on a napkin and posted to the band's social media hub. 

Anyone who's paid attention to the band's previous shenanigans couldn't have been that surprised. The group made its biggest mainstream splash not for a show it played, but for one it didn't play. The group was scheduled to play a pre-show before Lollapalooza in Chicago during 2013, but it didn't show up. Fans watched an empty stage for an extended period of time-there was a drum kit set up on it after all-while an image of a fake suicide note was projected on the back of the stage. Upon being informed that the "show" was over, angry fans trashed the drum kit. The band didn't show for its Lollapalooza set either. 

The band was scheduled to serve as the opener for the co-headlining between Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden later this summer, a decision that a typically snarky Trent Reznor expressed regret for. 

"Sorry everyone..." he tweeted. "Why would I have ever thought those dudes could keep it together?" 

The only good news that fans can take from this is that the second half of the group's double-album The Powers That B. The first half, which featured sampled vocals from Bjork, was titled Niggas on The Moon and the follow-up Jenny Death will be released later this year. 

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