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REVIEW: Fifth Harmony Prove They're The 'BO$$' in Sassy New Single [LISTEN]

by Carolyn Menyes   Jul 7, 2014 10:56 AM EDT

Fifth Harmony, "BO$$" (Photo : Twitter)

After teasing its new, sexy single "BO$$" last week with some slightly scandalous artwork, former X Factor contestants Fifth Harmony have delivered. Over the weekend, the five-piece girl group released its new song, full of celebrity name-checks and "Independent Women" style female empowerment.

"You say that you're a baller /And I see you trying holla / But that ain't how I was brought up / Next / Working for the money 'cause that's what my mama taught me / So your ass better show me some respect," Fifth Harmony boldly and sassily declare in the song's minimalistic chorus, but not before checking some of America's biggest female bosses.

"Boss / Michelle Obama / Purse so heavy getting Oprah dollars," Fifth Harmony sing, with plenty of swagger to spare.

Filled with urban music influences, "BO$$" shoes a markedly more mature Fifth Harmony, with tribal beats swooping beneath the track's female-powered flare.

Full of keen pop culture references (the song also name checks Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Beats by Dre), "BO$$" could very well become dated in future years, but for now, it's the sort of ballsy, bossy music pop needs.

Listen to Fifth Harmony's new single "BO$$" below, via MTV:

"BO$$" is the first single from Fifth Harmony's upcoming debut album. Details surrounding the album are scarce, though Fifth Harmony told Billboard earlier this year that the album would be finished in the late spring. Fifth Harmony's album will be its first full-length effort, following the release of the October 2013 EP Better Together, which featured the group's breakout single "Miss Movin' On."

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