Axl Rose recently invited a waitress to an AC/DC show in Washington D.C. following the viral exposure of a racist note that she received.

NME reports that Honduran-American Sadie Ellege received a note on a receipt that read “We only tip citizens” earlier in the month, which later became viral in the United States. Various news channels located the customers who had left her the note. In a strange twist, one of the customers was also of Hispanic heritage. Both denied that they had written the note, and following the incident, Ellege was invited by Rose to AC/DC’s concert on Sept. 17 when a fill-in vocalist heard her story.

According to Loudwire, the waitress connected with Rose through actress Greice Santo, who was also at the show. Ellege received a “Glam with Greice” makeover in addition to meeting frontman Rose backstage at the concert, with a personal photographer on hand to take a shot of the two. 

Her grandfather, John Ellege, wrote to Alternative Nation and said, “I have been an AC/DC fan for nearly 40 years, and Axl Rose’s invitation to my granddaughter and her family (which luckily included me) to last night’s concert in Washington, DC was a true thrill. Not only was it a fantastic show, but being there with Sadie and her mom and dad was an unmatched experience for three generations of Elledges.”

Ellege went on to praise Rose’s “humor” and “kindness” and describing how much respect he had for him following the invitation. He said that the performance was “out of this world” and complimented Rose’s work with AC/DC, saying that the singer was both true to himself and true to the band.

AC/DC recently finished their Rock Or Bust Tour, where longtime bassist Cliff Williams played his last shows with the band before he retired from the music industry. 

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