Zedd has put out a few singles over the course of 2016 including the most recent collaboration with Grey "Adrenaline," and now he has a new tune to add to his collection. Teaming up with Riot Games, Zedd has put out a new single "Ignite" for the League of Legends World Championships.

The track has a vintage Zedd feel with the gritty electro sound in the drops, but at points it does feel like there is something missing. The vocals are a bit cheesy, but in the end it is designed for game play and to inspire fans for the tournament. It should serve that purpose well.

The song comes with an animated video that references actual battles or memes that have arisen from past matches during game play.

"When RIOT asked me to create the title track for their 2016 League of Legends World Championship I was immediately excited about the idea," says Zedd in a statement.

"I'm a gamer myself and when I met with RIOT I realized that lots of their team members are passionate musicians as well which made it super fun to collaborate and create this song. They had a very specific direction in terms of what kind of emotion and feeling I should create and it felt like I was scoring a movie I haven't seen yet. I'm incredibly excited for the gamers and the entire world to hear this song."

Zedd is not the first artist to out music for music for League of Legends. Imagine Dragons were tabbed for a theme song in 2014. Last year, Riot Games asked a bunch of dance producers like Arty, Marshmello and Mako to remix the theme songs to the game in one package that was released for free.