February 24, 2018 / 8:45 PM

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In the Material World: Eric Dolphy's Handwritten Notes on Physics, Psychoacoustics and Other Real Modalities of Free Jazz


The enigmatic quality of Eric Dolphy supersedes the strange circumstances surrounding his death. A major proponent of non-Western thinking, particularly regarding America's reception to non-linear jazz forms, the actuality of sound dominated Dolphy's thinking as a student.

But something I just stumbled upon yielded an interest that I'm not normally accustomed to follow with musicians who had such a brief career.

Perhaps I've been engaged with Dolphy's papers he did for a physics class for too long today, but there's something very telling by the notes that he scribbled onto loose-leaf here. (And thanks to my father's penmanship, I am well-versed in discerning words from chicken scratch.)


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