Columbus, Ohio indie rock band Plaid Brixx released their self-titled EP back in July. It was their strongest and most complete work to date and we are now happy to premiere the animated music video for the song "Don't Look Down."

The video is as fun as the track itself. The band takes you on an animated space adventure where they are transformed into a panda, tiger, penguin, rabbit and bird of some sort.

They rocket off into space and jet off on clouds among the stars as lead singer Chris Duggan says in the hook, "take my hand as we shoot among the stars."

They encounter a giant blue whale, Twitter birds, a witch, a tribe of fluffy rabbits and even some weather elements.

It is a fascinating and even funny video to see how they end up in each situation and where they will eventually find themselves at end of the video.

Yoyo the Ricecorpse animated the video.

"I've been a big fan of animation for as long as I can remember. I saw the work of Yoyo the Ricecorpse and thought it would be perfect to do a collaboration," says Duggan in a statement to Music Times. "I knew I wanted the characters to be animals and she took it from there and did an amazing job."

It is a different and fun video that isn't just the band playing music in a garage or some sappy love story. It is nice to see artists thinking outside the box with a music video.

Watch the video below and pick up their EP here.

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