February 21, 2018 / 9:53 PM

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Watch Grimes 'World Princess II,' "Butterfly' 'Scream,' 'Belly Of The Beat' Videos


Grimes just dropped the mother load of all visuals today. Without much warning, the Canadian musician just unleashed seven new music videos on her socials, four of her own from Art Angels. The four are "Scream" featuring Aristophanes, "Belly of the Beat," "Butterfly" and "World Princess Part II."

The videos are more DIY than what she has put out in the past with large ensembles of actors and dancers and complicated stage setups. Instead these were all shot on the road this summer while Grimes and her team were on tour in Europe.

Each video has a different setting to it. "Scream" is set at a festival and the surrounding area, while "Butterfly" finds Grimes and HANA in Rome wandering around the city in various costumes dancing and singing among the tourists.

They do a similar type of act in "World Princess Part II," but in a different country. "Belly of the Beat" is the most stunning as a few other artists get in on the action in Northern Europe with some stunning backdrops over lush green mountains and large castles. Vacation to Europe anyone?

In addition to the four Art Angels videos, she also shared three videos from her friend and touring partner HANA that fit into the story of this narrative.

Before releasing all of the videos, Grimes explained that she would drop all seven videos at once and in order. They were filmed over two weeks by her brother with her friend HANA on the AC!D REIGN Tour.

Now that you have seen all of these videos, you are going to go back and listen to Art Angels again aren't you?

Check out the videos in the order they were intended below.


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