Porter Robinson has released a new video project for his collaboration with Madeon "Shelter." The short film anime titled the same as his new song is designed in the same manner as many of his visuals for his live show.

The six-minute video tells the story of 17-year-old Rin living in a dystopian future. She lives her life, sealed away from everyone else, alone, in a Matrix-like spaceship, where she controls the environment around her. She can explore lush green fields, climb plateaus that rise and fall with the push of a button or change the temperature in a second.

Each day she wakes up to see if there are any messages for her in the simulation from anybody else there or from the outside world. She continues to evolve the world as she herself evolves as a girl within the confines of the lonely, but infinitely beautiful and every-changing landscape.

She eventually finds out why she has been confined to this existence by her father as some memories come back to her form when she was a young child.

It is a harsh warning about what could happen in the future with the destructive nature of technology and war, but also how liberating virtual reality could become.

A-1 Pictures and Crunchyroll did the short film. Porter Robinson and Madeon's new collaboration "Shelter" score it. Robinson wrote the video.

The pair is currently in the midst of a new joint-live tour across North America. They have a short break right now and will pick back up in November with gigs cities like Montreal, Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver and elsewhere. Many of the dates are sold out.