Diplo took to Twitter to announce that new Major Lazer music will be released in January 2017. The new music may count as their fourth album together, entitled Music is the Weapon.

Music from the forthcoming album was also reportedly teased on the producer’s Snapchat account. His tweet doesn’t specify whether what was released is from the album. The group is currently celebrating the success of their new collaboration with Justin Bieber, “Cold Water,” and Diplo has also said that the group has worked with Sam Hunt, Travis Scott, and Usher amongst others. 

Diplo has also defended his group in the past and says that Major Lazer should never be accused of cultural appropriation. Their hit “Lean On,” has been criticized for using Indian culture and images in the music video. Major Lazer has also been reprimanded for using Caribbean genres dancehall, reggae and soca in their music.

In an interview with NME, Diplo described his youth in a diverse Miami neighborhood, saying, “Haitians, Latinos, white kids, Jewish kids and hood kids were all in the same neighborhood and the same schools. Miami is the most diverse place for human beings I’ve ever been to.”

He also talked about his diverse taste in music during his youth. “When I grew up, no one told me what I was supposed to listen to. On the radio, Miami bass was always the thing for me, and heavy metal - that was big in Florida too. My parents listened to country. Rap was on the radio.”