Charli XCX has been hinting that she might leak her new album before it’s May release date. The singer’s latest single from her forthcoming album was “After The Afterparty,” featuring Lil Yachty, and was released on Friday, Oct. 28. The music video was shared on Sunday. The title of her new album remains to be announced.

Zane Lowe released a tweet with a quote from a recent interview that read, “I’m sure I’ll just get bored and leak the whole thing before then anyway.” Lowe had recently interviewed the British pop star for his Beats 1 show.

XCX described the new album as “the most pop thing I’ve done,” earlier this year.

She also talked about advice to NME that she had received from fellow pop star Robyn on how to succeed in the music industry.”

“Robyn once told me to always be ME, not worry about what other people think, and f**k everyone if they don’t like it. To hear that from someone who I admired was so cool and comforting. Just do what makes you feel good and hang out with people you love and feel happy with.”

The singer first released the news that she was releasing a follow-up to 2015’s Sucker to the Evening Standard.

“I’m going to be putting a record out soon and it’s going to be the most pop thing I’ve done,” the singer said the publication. “I’m just finishing it but I can’t say anything yet. I’ve been in LA chilling and it’s great to be back in London.”

Her Vroom Vroom EP was released back in February, and featured works by Sophie and BloodPop, who works with Grimes and Justin Bieber, as well as Stargate, who has worked with Rihanna and Coldplay.