Mark Ronson has clapped back at The Chainsmokers for their Lady Gaga diss in a recent interview. The EDM duo had said that they thought her new single from Joanne, “Perfect Illusion,” produced by Ronson “sucked.”

Following their comment, Gaga sent out a note via Twitter that offered up her single “A-Yo,” and suggested that they might like that better. The duo responded by sending Gaga a tweet that read “RESPECT.”

Ronson jumped in when the duo sent back a tweet that read “And we’re back” with a middle finger emoji.

“Back to being the charisma-bypassed champions of 2 bar Ableton loops? Well, smash it while it lasts, fellas!!” the producer wrote on Twitter.

Ronson included a link to an article entitled “7 Safest, Low-Risk Investments for Your Money,” implying that the two should save money now, as they won’t have a long career in the industry. The Chainsmokers responded with “@markronson was actually talking about being back in America after Europe but okay.”

As of now, the Twitter feud has ended, but The Chainsmokers have learned a valuable lesson about dissing Mark Ronson’s friends.