Eric Prydz has released a new three track EP under his Pryda moniker. Titled simply the Pryda 037 EP, the new project comes with three new cuts, though Eric Prydz super fans will be familiar with two of them "Choo" and "The End Is Just The Beginning."

The EP starts out with the chugging "Choo" that has a galloping bass line and hypnotic melodies that come and go with new elements that come to dominate the track. At nearly nine minutes, it ebbs and flows with long builds and climaxes that add just the right energy to the track.

This has been the most anticipated song from the EP. It has appeared in various forms in Prydz's live sets and radio shows for the past several years, but never seen the light of day.

"The Future" comes in right in the middle as a deeper selection with more of an emphasis on the bass line and some reverbed synths. This may be something that gets added to his live sets at points.

The last track "The End Is Just The Beginning" started to appear in his sets recently and is an epic 10-minute journey. With scattered arps, emotive synth chords and a steady four-on-the-floor kick drum, this is may be the end of the EP, but will just be the beginning of several more listens.

The entire EP embodies everything the Pryda moniker is supposed to sound like. The songs have slow, even builds, textured melodies and percussion that all mesh with each other. The songs are long and require several more listens to get into all of the layers found in the mix.

Listen to the full EP below and pick up a copy of each track on Beatport.

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