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Christmas Came Early With Gucci Mane's NPR Tiny Desk Concert

by Ryan Middleton   Dec 12, 2016 12:44 PM EST

NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series is normally curated with bubbling rock, folk, indie, R&B and country artists that are still kind of small, but your barista acquaintance in Brooklyn totally knows. NPR has gone to Zone 6 and brought the East Atlanta Santa, Gucci Mane, in for a session that is just the treat you need for your Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Festivus or whatever it is you want to celebrate this month.

Frequent collaborator and beatsmith, Zaytoven joins Gucci to perform a medley of hits from Gucci's career. Zaytoven sits down at a piano and deftly plays the melodies to each of the three songs in this live performance.

Gucci and Zaytoven kick off the performance with "First Day Out" from his 2009 project Writing on The Wall. Then they launch into "Waybach" from his first-post album Everybody Looking and then "Last Time" from his most recent studio album Woptober.

This is probably a bit different atmosphere for Gucci Mane from what he is used to performing in. The small crowd is different from what he normally would perform to, though he hasn't done many concerts over the past few years, and the spread of books isn't typical for a live performance. He still has a sampler playing the backing beat in the background, while Zaytoven lays down the melodies and even freestyles on a piano.

In between songs Gucci shows off his fun, positive-nature speaking to the crowd.

This wasn't all the holiday cheer Gucci shared recently. Over the weekend he was in New York City for Santacon. A day where people dress up as santas and get really drunk (for charity), Gucci Mane as the East Atlanta Santa joined in the fun, greeted fans and gave out gifts at bars.

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