If you have been on the internet, specifically Twitter, in the past 24 hours, you probably seen people wondering what the hell "Om Telolet Om" is and where it came from. It seems to have particularly caught on with the global cummunity attached to the dance internet for some reason, though it likely could spread to pop and kpop. If this new viral meme is news to you well we have the explanation for you.

"Om Telolet Om" originated in Indonesia and has spread all across the internet from there. According to the Jakarta Post, it started when a Facebook video showed kids yelling "om telolet om" at passing bus drivers, meaning in a rough English translation "sir, honk your horn, sir."

Apparently many DJs who have fans all around the globe have been getting pestered with the phrase like they are old bus drivers. It is fair to note that many famous DJs are European and have strong Asian fan bases. So some such DJs like Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers and Marshmello have been wondered what was going on.

Artists quick to make a viral impact on their socials are putting together short videos incorporating the meme and horns into music or recao videos.

Even Michael Clafford of 5 Seconds of Summer decided he wanted to get in on action, trying it out in Australia, though without much success.

Even kpop singer Bam Bam is confused.