Major Lazer and Dutch DJ duo, Showtek have unveiled the music video for their 2016 collaboration "Believer." The video is inspired by the current refugee crisis and wars happening in the Middle East.

It follows a young boy who's life was ripped from him by war as the images flash back and forth between a dance with death, his former peaceful, joyous life with family and being buried under rubble from what the viewer can only presume to be a bombing. It draws hope from his situation and small moments in the refugee crisis.

The video was directed by XOXO director Christopher Louie, who spoke about where the inspiration for the video came from and why he chose this direction for the visual in a statement.

"The concept of the video was inspired by the images of Omran Daqneesh, the Syrian boy covered in dust in the ambulance after his house was hit by a bomb. Like everyone in the world I was heartbroken by that image but I also saw a glimmer of hope. As dark as the subject matter is the point of our "Believer" video was to capture the resilience of youth and the hope displayed by communities coming together to save victims from the rubble," says Louie in a statement.

"If it wasn't for the support from Sjoerd of Showtek and guidance from Diplo and his creative director Sara, this video would not have turned out as emotionally powerful as it has. They supported us going to the Middle East, shooting with all local cast, crew and keeping it as authentic as possible. There were countless obstacles that go along with shooting in an unfamiliar country but with the help of the local film community we got through them all and created something special in the process."

The artists encourage everyone to donate to Save the Children, which is working to provide relief to children affected by the Syrian conflict and many others around the globe.

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