Whether or not you like his music or his whole shtick, Marshmello has become one of the most talked about names in dance music. The masked DJ continues his slow, but steady stream of content with a music video for a song he released in 2015 "Summer" tabbing social media star Lele Pons for a starring role.

Marshmello isn't the world-touring superstar DJ in this video - instead he finds himself working at a roller rink. It is his last day on the job and is asked to skate by the love interest in the story played by Lele Pons.

The intrigue comes as his conniving boss tries to finds ways to prevent him from going on his date and others laugh at him for being him, but may just work out in the end for Marhsmello. It seems as though it would be hard to be romantic in that giant helmet though...

"Summer" was actually released in 2015, so it is an interesting choice to reprise for a music video now, but it is a good way to keep bring the song back with all of the new fans he seems to be getting every week.

2017 is setting up to be possibly even bigger than 2016 for Marshmello. He just landed an exclusive residency with Wynn in Las Vegas. He is already lining up some festival gigs at UME, Coachella and Governors Ball. He also sold out his own headlining show at Red Rocks in June almost instantly.

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