It is no secret that women are underrepresented in electronic music. Whether it is there aren't enough female producers being signed to labels or enough female DJs being booked for gigs in clubs or on festival bills, the problem persists. Los Angeles DJ and producer J. Worra is starting to make waves, releasing records on Country Club Disco, Sweat It Out, Perfect Driver and more, while performing events in Chicago, LA, London and elsewhere. Worra wants to spotlight some other women in the industry for us for this unusual of Fridays. She picks out five special women -- Julia Govor, Ducky, Flava D, UNIIQU3 and J.Phlip and chooses five essential songs from them. Read on to see in Worra's words why each of these artists rules.

Julia Govor

"I actually played EDC Orlando with Julia Govor and was able to catch part of her set- she is a really solid DJ and curator. I love her productions too. I am highlighting one of her more recent releases "5000 Moments." This one is one of those techno tracks that you close your eyes and are transported to a Detroit warehouse party. She finished up last year with a bang and has a ton of big tour dates coming up early 2017. I feel like she is just starting to get the attention she deserves!"


"Ducky is not new to the music scene and has been putting out top-notch production for a long time. One of her most recent releases is a remix for Rain Man that came out on Dim Mak. This one hits you right in the feels from the second you hit play. This year is going to be great for her, simply because she works her ass off and is always creating."

Flava D

"Flava D had a massive 2016, not just release wise but also with TQD (Royal-T x DJ Q x Flava D). It is so hard to choose just one of her tracks to highlight but I pick, so I picked 2. Both of the tracks I selected are pure UK goodness and its what you can expect with any of her releases. Her production has so much style and with her big splash last year, I can only see her crushing 2017."


"Similar to Ducky, UNIIQU3 seems to do it all -- DJ, vocalist, producer. I chose a remix she did a few months back because it's one of those slap you in the face tracks- its impossible to not bob to this one. She has played some big shows with Mija, Boiler Room NYC, and more and also put out some fire mixes on Rinse FM and Nest HQ. I think all the added exposure in 2016 was just a warm up for UNIIQU3."

J. Phlip

"Let's face it... the world needs J. Phlip. Every track she puts out is essential and her live shows are incredible. I think that she has a permanent place in this industry and serves a greater purpose than just music. She is a female OG and sets a great standard for what women are capable of. I see her continuing to pave that road and inspire others in 2017. I can't wait to see what release she has up her sleeve!"