Lorde has dropped her new single “Liability” and revealed the release date of her second album, Melodrama, yesterday (Mar. 9), spending this morning musing on how the recording sessions made her feel like she is back in high school.

“wow feels big and intense having liability out in the world strange part of myself for a lot of people to look at,” the singer wrote on Twitter.

Melodrama is due out on June 16 of this year according to Billboard, and the first single does not fail to disappoint. While musing on the new song, Lorde also mentioned the “big beautiful verdant studio” in Los Angeles where the song was recorded with Jack Antonoff.

From the sounds of her musings, Bleachers member Antonoff had challenged her to reach deep on the song, which initially made her uncomfortable.

“jack truly pushed me to a place i’d never been with this album i couldn’t love him more for it this song freaked & grossed me out at first,” Lorde further tweeted.

“& i remember my synesthesia was really blaring in the session, this swirling combo of high school and recent and private and public memories.”

The sounds brought the singer back to the past, and produced a very specific memory for her. “felt like when i walk down the hall kind of drunk at a party and shut myself in a bedroom to mumble something happy or sad into my phone.”

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