Dr. Luke (Lukasz Gottwald) may subpoena the fan who organized the #FreeKesha protests. The fan in question is Michael Eisele, who runs the @KeshaToday Twitter account and was heavily involved in organizing the protests aimed at freeing the pop star from her contract with Gottwald.

In court documents obtained by Billboard, the subpoena says that Eisele was coordinating with Kesha “to spread Ms. Sebert’s defamatory statements and tarnish Plaintiffs’ reputation.” The court documents further say that Kesha was “encouraging and assisting Mr. Eisle in creating bogus Internet ‘petitions’ and engaging in other tactics to pressure Sony Music Entertainment to terminate its business with Plaintiffs,” which include the #FreeKesha protests that occurred outside a New York City courthouse in February 2016.

The document further asserts that Eisele “has information that is material and necessary to the prosecution of this action” that warrants “the assurance of an open commission to enable [Plaintiffs] to obtain documents and other tangible things from Mr. Eisele and to take his deposition as a non-party witness to this action.”

Essentially Gottwald’s lawyers want to question Eisele about his involvement with the #FreeKesha campaign. There has been no activity from the Twitter account today aside from a video of Kesha speaking out on sexual harassment that was tweeted out last week.

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