Almost a month ago now, DJ/Producer, and now male model Diplo, dropped his newest anthem "Bank Roll." The track initially featured Justin Bieber, Rich The Kid & Young Thug. Almost instantly after the initial release, the song received much criticism from fans around the world. And in this day and age, no person, place, or thing is safe from angry people on the Internet. And boy did so many people feel the urge to head to Twitter to air out their grievances on the track.

And just to make things even more awkward, Diplo decided to start retweeting some of the negative comments about what was supposed to be an absolutely massive track with Justin Bieber, Rich The Kid & Young Thug.

And if that wasn't weird enough, after Diplo retweeted many negative comments on the disappointing collab, he then removed the track off of his Soundcloud page. And now, almost a month later, Diplo has uploaded a new version of "Bank Roll," this time without vocals from Justin Bieber.

He offered an explanation for the new version on his Soundcloud page, but then he edited the original explanation. Fortunately for us, a screenshot of the initial explanation was captured noting that DJ Khaled & David Guetta had exclusives with Justin Bieber so the original version had to be taken down.

But Diplo being Diplo couldn't just remove the original version off the Internet forever. So if you are interested in downloading that version, Diplo has allowed a special one week only download of it right here. In the meantime, stream the new version below.