Martin Garrix has something special in stored for his fans.

During an interview with 103.5 Kiss FM host Erik Zachary, he was asked if he had any new music coming out. He admitted he had so much new music that "it's crazy." He calmy hinted at a Linkin Park collaboration, as if that's not the biggest deal in the world. Garrix also announced a collaboration with Ryan Tedder of One Republic.

Just three days prior, Linkin Park took the stage and performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden. They performed their hit "Invisible," off their latest album One More Light. This wasn't the band's first time performing on the Late Show. Back in February, they performed another hit off the same album, "Heavy." Shinoda admitted to Nylon Magazine that they are always looking to take risks. "We're constantly taking risks and trying different things. It recently occurred to me how ironic it is when somebody says the pop elements on the One More Light songs aren't taking chances when it is from a band like ours. The people who say the music isn't risky are the exact people with whom the risk is taken."

He also said to Nylon that the songs are very pure and thought about in the moment. He said that the goal of One More Light was to have a project that doesn't sound like a lot singles were just thrown together. "It became obvious that a lot of the songs were about feeling like you're at the mercy of the world around you. The fact that these songs were born in the moment when we were frustrated or sad or whatever makes for better music."

Check out the snippet below where dreams come true when Garrix says he's teaming up with Linkin Park.