Guns N' Roses definitely still knows how to rock the stage, and proof is their Not In This Lifetime tour, which is now the fourth largest tour of all time.

The anticipation to see the band together on stage again clearly paid off. 4.3 million fans flocked to see Slash and Duff McKagan complete the Guns N' Roses lineup ever since their return to the band was revealed in April 2016, when they performed at Coachella.

Now nearly two years into the reunion, the fans continue to crowd festivals, shows, and events just to rock it out with the band. So it is not surprising that Guns N' Roses' Not In This Lifetime tour would sell out and grab the fourth spot as the biggest tour in history.

The band wrapped their 2017 touring schedule with a whopping $475 million in gross sales from 123 headlining shows on five continents. Expectations are high for the numbers to go up with the addition of the sales from various festival performances in the first two years of the tour. Likewise, earnings are set to increase when Guns N' Roses takes the stage again on June 3.

The band racked up the most earnings from their London Stadium show in June 2017, which grossed $17.6 million. The two-night stint sold 140,877 tickets. Following up the ranks is their July 2016 performance at the MetLife Stadium in New York City, which earned $11.6 million. In November 2016 during the first Latin American leg tour of Not In This Lifetime, Guns N' Roses earned $10.7 million and $11 million from their shows in São Paulo and Buenos Aires, respectively. The band ended 2017 with $17.7 million in grosses coming from the final 11 shows in November.

Guns N' Roses is set to resume their Not In This Lifetime tour in Europe this summer. The tour ends on July 21 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The tour received an overwhelming turnout despite that it lacks one original band member — Izzy Stradlin. The key songwriter and rhythm guitarist declined to reunite with the band because of monetary reasons. He believes that the members would receive unfair divisions of the earnings.

Meanwhile, Slash is thrilled to be back with Guns N' Roses. His son London Hudson revealed that his father is excited since he gets to do what he loves to do with the guys he loves. Hudson said that Slash is always excited to perform during the Not In This Lifetime tour, and at the same time, he gets nervous at every show.