The Breeders are officially back. The alternative rock band has announced a new album that is set to come out in two months. 

Called All Nerve, the upcoming record features the same people behind the 1993 album Last Splash, one of the band's most successful release and best known for its hit single "Cannonball." Kim Deal returns as the band's frontwoman, her twin sister Kelley is on guitar and vocals, Josephine Wiggs on bass, and Jim Macpherson on drums. 

The last time the band members regrouped onstage was in 2013 to celebrate Last Splash's 20th anniversary. Since then, reports claim that the group has been working on new material

The first single from their new album, "Wait in the Car," was released in fall last year. Meanwhile, the lead single, "All Nerve," was launched on Tuesday, Jan. 9, and is now available to stream on Spotify.  

New Music

In a 2015 interview, Kim talked about bringing everyone back together in one place to record new music. She recounted that her sister, Kelley, and Wiggs have been a "good, funny, eccentric" presence in her life, but she had a falling out with Macpherson. 

"We were drinking a lot, and I think he got mad at me," the former member of the Pixies said. "And then he left my basement and took his drums and I never saw him again. Ever. And it hurt my heart, cos he's such a great guy and I felt dumb and I'm sure he did too, whatever, we don't even know."

It was Kelley who suggested to have a reunion to celebrate two decades of Last Splash

"And it's like, 'I'll text Josephine, you ask Jim.' So Josephine said, 'Yeah, sounds f****** fun' and Jim said, 'Yeah, I'd love to do it'. It's like, 'Oh, thank god,'" she recounted. 

The first two songs they wrote for the album were "All Nerve" and "Skinhead #2."

Track List

The Breeders also released the full track list for All Nerve. The new album contains 11 songs and will be available as a CD, standard edition black vinyl, limited alternate sleeve vinyl, and digital download.

Here is the complete tracklist:

1. "Nervous Mary"

2. "Wait in the Car"

3. "All Nerve"

4. "MetaGoth"

5. "Spacewoman"

6. "Walking with the Killer"

7. "Howl at the Summit"

8. "Archangel's Thunderbird"

9. "Dawn: Making an Effort"

10. "Skinhead #2"

11. "Blues at the Acropolis"

The Breeders will also go on a North American tour this year that will kick off on April 6 in Los Angeles, California. All Nerve will be available for purchase on March 2 but the band's website is now accepting preorders.