First it was Camila Cabello, and now Lauren Jauregui may be finally ready to part ways with Fifth Harmony and go solo.

While Cabello is now a successful solo artist after severing her ties with Fifth Harmony, the rest of the girl group are still together. However, a staffer at Billboard reveals that there are whispers of solo attempts in the near future.

During a Sony post-Grammys party, the Billboard rep reportedly overheard that Jauregui is planning to leave Epic for Columbia Records for a solo record deal. Both Epic and Columbia are under Sony, but Fifth Harmony is under the former label.

While still a member of the X-Factor group, Jauregui already has a few solo gigs under her belt including participating in the Halsey song "Strangers." Recently, the singer, 21, also collaborated with Steve Aoki for "All Night."

Despite individual projects, Jauregui has previously dismissed talk of a band break up just last month in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. The singer points out that all of the members are currently involved in solo projects, while offering friendship and support to each other.

"It's really cool, because we're branching out to creatively discover ourselves, because we never really got an opportunity to do that since we started this when we were ... I was like 16 when I started," Jauregui explains. "It's cool to be able to give each other that space to really explore ourselves individually and grow."

Even with the different projects, the girls are all focused on their most recent album with plans of touring on the horizon.

"[Fifth Harmony] is so fire and it's our best work thus far, so I'm grateful for that, and hopefully we can keep exploring that," she assures. "That'll be amazing."

Another Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei also made fans nervous last October when she signed with a new manager. Fans assumed the 21-year-old was on her way out, which Kordei quickly dispelled in a separate interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"I'm not leaving my group," she says. "I would never. We're on such a high right now. ... That wasn't even a thought."

Kordei explains that her own manager is meant to help her discover projects aside from Fifth Harmony.

While Cabello's sudden departure rocked the girl group, the rest of the band seems to have no plans of breaking up yet. Recently, the "Havana" singer talked about her former group, crediting Fifth Harmony for shaping her and encouraging her with healthy competition.