Michelle Phan has built a makeup-based empire for herself stemming from her YouTube video series on how to best utilize beauty products. It's not all just makeup knowledge however: Phan knows how to make an eye-catching video as well, including a soundtrack to go along with it. One performer that's made multiple appearances in the video series is EDM star Kaskade. And his former label, Ultra, ain't too happy about it. The imprint is pressing charges against the YouTube star for copyright infringement. 

Part of the lawsuit is looking to file an injunction that would prevent Phan from using any music from Ultra signees in the future and, if it gets its way, claiming damages from the social media figurehead of up to $150,000 per case of misused copyright. It's tough to say whether they have any grounds to claim copyright, as Phan's videos are all free to viewers. The label could argue that as Phan has brought in sponsorships from Lancôme and L'Oreal as a result of her video series (which would be true), but whether that constitutes her profiting off of the video series is a whole other matter. A court will need to make the final decision, but it's a wobbly argument. 

Phan has at least one supporter in the case: Kaskade. 

The performer wasn't very happy with Ultra himself when he left, and he's declared himself a fan of Phan. He went on a humorous Twitter campaign on Friday to show his support. 

"You're awesome. You've turned millions of ppl on to my music. Which, ironically, I cannot say for my label," he tweeted at Phan. "Summary: I'm not suing @Michelle4Phan + Ultra Records isn't my lap dog. I can't do much about the lawsuit except voice my support for her. I find that @Michelle4Phan has great taste in music *ahem*, and knows secrets on how to make my eyes really POP. What's not to like?" 

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