February 25, 2018 / 1:05 AM

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Kansas City Jazz District Renaissance Co. Opens Walk of Fame on 18th and Vine: Basie, Bird, Metheny and Others First Inductees


The 18th and Vine area may be slow to renovation, but the latest project in creating a Jazz Walk of Fame should be a tangible way to generate some much needed tourism.

It's about time that jazz received its own "walk of fame"--not unlike a star-studded stroll down Hollywood Boulevard.

Jazz greats should get some time in cement, too.

The Jazz District Renaissance Corp. unveils its latest creation to the district next month and begins with six inductees. Organizers are hoping to continue to add to the walk annually.

On August 23, the induction will take on a world-class concert at the Gen Theater featuring two big bands, the Count Basie Orchestra and a band led by local legend Bobby Watson.


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