David Guetta becomes the villain of a vintage Chinese action movie in the music video for "Flames," a track that also features Sia.

In the three-minute video, the music producer and DJ plays the role of The Emperor, an evil tyrant who employs an army of ninjas.

Sia does not appear in the music video (as per usual), but Sia's powerful vocals and lyrics were personified through the three female heroes at the center of the action.

The lyric video of the track was released last week. 

Journey To The East

"Flames" begins with the introduction of a martial arts expert, The Master (played by Danny Trejo), and the three leads Lauren Mary Kim, Erin Wu, and Courtney Chen. The video, then, cuts to a montage of the trio of women in various training such as chopping logs, balancing two buckets of water while standing on her hands, and the classic catching of a house fly using chopsticks.

However, their training was interrupted when ninjas attacked their quiet village and killed their master. The female heroes were then cuffed and taken to the lair of The Emperor.

Fortunately, the women were able to get free and challenged The Emperor to a battle. For some reason, Guetta's character, aside from his mastery of the martial arts, can shoot flames from his hands. The heroes were almost defeated, but they fight motivation to continue fighting with the help of the ghost (or the memory) of their master.

Thus, the evil was defeated.

Pleasant Reunion

The music video was directed by Lior Molcho. The track marks the fourth collaboration between Guetta and Sia who also teamed up to create "Titanium," "Bang My Head," and "She Wolf (Falling To Pieces)."

"I'm a huge Sia fan and we have a good history together," Guetta told The Independent. "She was a super cool indie artist who wasn't really into pop and then when we came up with 'Titanium,' I just loved the track so much that I said 'I don't want to give this to anybody else, no one else will sing it like you.'"

However, he revealed that while Sia agreed to do the song, she wanted the collaboration to be her last project ever. Instead of a quiet send off, "Titanium" launched both artists into superstardom.

Topping The Charts

Guetta and Sia working together to create a song is always a good idea. "Flames," a motivational dance pop track has already entered and topped Billboard's Dance Club Songs.

According to the site, "Flames" entered on the number nine spot of the songs chart a few days after its release. It was streamed over 2.2 million times in the United States and was downloaded 10,000 times.

Watch the epic music video below:

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